Happy World Vet Day! We would like to extend a sincere thank you to all the veterinarians who take amazing care of our pets year after year. The COVID-19 pandemic has made veterinary care harder than ever. In honor of this day and the theme of this year’s World Vet Day- the veterinary response to the coronavirus pandemic, we have compiled some stories highlighting the resilience, ingenuity and spirit of vets everywhere!

A tele-health veterinary appointment for a cat.

Image credit: Rover


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on vets, vet techs, animal parents and animals themselves. Read the above article from Rover to catch a glimpse inside what feats vets have had to conquer in the past year.
Sheeba the dog with her doctors.

Image credit: Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine


  • Read the story of Sheeba, a sweet dog who had to fight a complicated medical condition during the COVID-19 pandemic with her family and amazing veterinarians by her side.

Black cat receives vet care.


  • Learn more about why wait times have been longer for vet visits during the coronavirus pandemic and tips on how to make sure your animals stay healthy and up-to-date on their care. 
Group of masked vets jump in the air gleefully in front of mural.

Image credit: Vet Show


  • Read about how this female-led veterinary clinic thrived during the pandemic with their unique work model and forward-thinking practices!
Group of vets stand in their clinic with masks on and socially distanced. One is holding a cat.

Image credit: VetCor


  • Early in the pandemic, VetCor took the time to bring some light to the darkness and shared these uplifting COVID-19 stories from their own clinics.