Volunteering and helping animals doesn’t have to just be for adults! Kids are able to volunteer and help in so many ways. Here are some great opportunities if your kid loves animals and wants to help out this summer - or any time of the year!

Volunteer at your local animal shelter

Kids and shelter worker pet a German Shepard.

Local animal shelters are always looking for volunteers to help out around the facility! Kids can help clean cages, sweep and mop floors or even just spend time playing with the cats and dogs to help boost their mood and happiness. Contact your local humane society to see what volunteer opportunities are available to you and your kids. 

Run a donation drive

Young, smiling girls participate in a donation drive.

Does your kid love to help you bake? Are they talented in a certain craft? Well they can turn those passions into donations for your local animal shelter! Simply set-up a donation drive where people can buy your baked goods or crafts and in return, those profits can go straight to the shelter to help buy food, cat litter, cleaning supplies and much more. Start by reaching out to family friends and neighbors about the drive and its purpose to get the word out. You could even make a Facebook group to let more people in your community know about your efforts!

Ask for birthday donations

Young, smiling boy holds a "Donate" sign.

Not every child has the capacity to help out physically when looking for ways to volunteer or benefit their local animals and shelter. In this case, birthday donations are an excellent and tangible way to really aid the animals and workers at the shelters! Instead of presents (or in addition to presents), your child can ask for monetary donations that will go towards the animal shelter’s expenses. Another way to do this is ask for bags of dog and cat food or kitty litter to donate directly to the humane society. The impact this can have for these animals is itself a gift.

Are there any other volunteer opportunities for kids that we missed? Let us know your ideas in the comments below!