It’s August! A month filled with heat waves, end-of-summer festivals, and, of course Black Cat Appreciation. That’s right, August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Now if you know me, you know about my affinity for black cats. Not just because they’re simply the, but because my very own kitty soulmate was one premium sweet & spicy black kitty. My boy Danger aka Mistah Business aka Señor Peligro was the funniest, goofiest, most lovin’-est boy around town. So when I say “sweet & spicy” I guess what I really mean is “100% maximum over-sweet”. Yes my friends, it’s true. He was the Best Cat, but I guess as his mother I uh… might be a little biased.

Does It Come In Black?

So what makes black cats so special? Well, for one they come in all shapes and sizes. That’s right; there are a grand total of nineteen (19) different breeds of cat that can be born with a pure black coat, including exotic breeds such as Bombay, Oriental Shorthair, and Cornish Rex. Plus, no matter what the size or shape, all black kitties kinda look like little miniature panthers, don’t they? And hey, who wouldn’t want a tiny fun sized black panther baby roaming around their house? Wakanda Forever. Furthermore, in order to find some purr-fectly snuggable black cats, one would not need to look further than pop culture, or even the internet. Indeed, from The Simpson’s Snowball II to the immortal Binx from Hocus Pocus to Cole of the internet famous duo Cole and Marmalade, black cats have proven themselves to be just as lovable as their fellow feline brethren. Even Salem Saberhagen, the famed wizard-turned-black cat who tried to take over the world earned a soft spot in our hearts on Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

A Sign Of Good Luck

Contrary to the very ill-advised popular belief that black cats are bad luck, the notion that black cats are sinister harbingers of disaster couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, in an earlier article I went on to explain how, in Ireland for example, crossing paths with a little black babykin is regarded as quite a fortuitous affair! Funny how cultural superstitions shape people’s opinions about things even centuries after those beliefs have taken root. However, biased or not, I will adamantly subscribe to any belief claiming that a cat of any color is good luck!

Black Cats In Crisis

Okay so, why  is there such a thing as Black Cat Appreciation day, anyway? Black cats are obviously breathtakingly perfect in every possible way imaginable, so what’s the deal? Well, you see, since there is a stigma about black cats being “evil” and “bad luck” floating around the air like a nebulous and unjustified death sentence, people just… aren’t adopting black cats. Black cats have suffered much at the hands of the ignorant over the years - even in recent times. According to an article dated in 2007, black cats are routinely murdered in places like Italy. That’s right - black cats! Murdered! In this, the twenty-first century. Killing or abusing an animal is never okay, and doing so just because of the color of their coat is taking it a whole step further. These negative assumptions about black cats (and dogs) have also affected our furry friends in a less dramatic but similarly lethal fashion. Black animals are usually euthanized first when shelters need to make more room. So not only is this stigma completely groundless, it carries with it a very real consequence; animals who are perfectly sweet-natured, people-friendly, and adoptable are discarded for no real cause whatsoever. Pretty heckin’ unfair, right? On account of this, it’s important to raise awareness to the public that black animals are... well, amazing! So amazing, in fact, that there are even shelters such as Black Cats Holistic Rescue (hyperlink: dedicated to saving black cats! They are always accepting donations, and what better way to celebrate Black Cat Appreciation day than by supporting a rescue dedicated to the cause?

How Can You Help? 

So if you’re out there reading this and you’re contemplating adding a new furry family member to your brood, please consider the option of bringing home a precious little black baby bean. Not just because they’re amazing, but because you will genuinely be making a difference. Black cats are just as worthy of love as every other cat, but the only way to see for yourself is to take one home with you!

Written by Diomira Keane