Finding the time to volunteer or the funds to donate money to organizations you care about may not be an option for everyone. It may leave you wondering how you can help causes you care about while still staying within your means. There is a solution to this predicament and it's as easy as surfing the web. It’s really that easy!

If you exist in the year 2021, you most likely use the Internet often - whether it be for business or personal use. You may even be a “tab hoarder” like myself. Although some see it as a fault, tab hoarding is the perfect opportunity to help some tabby cats! 

Screenshot of the Tab For A Cause Browser Page, featuring a white and tan cat laying on a ledge, looking up.

Tab for a Cause is an extension that you can download onto your web browser - entirely for free. The way it works is whenever you open a new tab, there will be a few ads on your search page. A portion of that ad revenue from that tab will be donated to a cause of your choice - and for cat lovers that means you can choose to donate that money to buy treats for shelter cats! That’s literally all it takes. 

The running total of donations that Tab For A Cause has donated to non-profits. At the time of the photo, Tab For A Cause has raised $1, 214,518.10.

That’s not all that’s great about the extension. Tab for a Cause shows the running total of donations at the top of your web browser, which serves as a great reminder of how this platform is actively helping nonprofits all over the world. At this time, they've raised over $1,000,000 just from people like yourself searching the web. Another special perk about the platform is that your tabs will have an adorable new photo of a cat everyday! But my favorite part is the running count of how many treats your tabs have generated for these kitties. It’s even in the shape of a paw.

A paw ticker showing how many treats my tabs have raised to give to shelter cats. My current count is 18 treats.

If you’re skeptical about where the funds are actually going, don’t worry, they provide this information quarterly to whoever is interested. You can view these documents here.

If you’re ready to get tabbing for those tabbies, you can download Tab For A Cause here.