After 2+ years of planned weddings being postponed, newly engaged partners putting off the big day or couples all together canceling for a simple elopement due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Forbes and The New York Times among many others are reporting that 2022 is likely to see a surge in weddings. If their predictions are accurate, it will be the biggest year of weddings since 1984!

With so many couples tying the knot, there are likely many of those couples that have pets at home. You spend so much time with your pets during your everyday life so it makes sense to incorporate your feline family into your special day. Wondering how? We have a few ideas!

Hire Someone to Bring Your Cats To Your Wedding

Fluffy cat sits next to bride in wedding dress.

This may seem a little bizarre but it is possible! Hiring someone to watch your cat during your wedding day so that they can be apart of photos and possibly even the ceremony is an option. Post your listing for what you need on a website like or even just your Facebook feed.

Wear Personalized Cat Socks

Black and white cat is covered up with different colored custom cat socks with their face on them.

Image Courtesy: DivvyUp

If you’re wearing socks on your big day, why not get custom ones with your cat’s face on it! It’s a subtle way to keep them close and also makes for a great photo opp during picture time. You can order customizable cat socks from places like DivvyUp Socks.

Personalized Cat Jewelry

Custom gold necklace example featuring a cat's face and his name, 'Oscar.' The photo reads

Image courtesy: geopersonalized on Etsy

If you won’t be wearing socks then there’s the option to accessorize with some custom cat jewelry! Between earrings, necklaces and bracelets, there are a ton of artists out there who create all sorts of jewelry featuring your very own cats. Just search away on Etsy!

Cat Wedding Cake Topper

Two handmade wedding cake toppers of cats.

Traditional wedding cake toppers are pretty much a thing of the past. Many couples opt for something with a little more pizazz. Adding a cat cake topper is a cute and fun way to show your cat love and to remind you of your favorite felines. You could go with a generic cat topper to pay homage to your kitties or find someone who makes custom ones. Etsy has many artists who do that type of work!

No matter the method, incorporating your feline family into your big day will be a special token of your love for them and will be quite the conversation starter to boot! If you draw inspiration from any of these ideas and implement them at your wedding, make sure to tag us in a photo or video so we can see! @catgenie on Instagram and TikTok