With spring comes sunshine, rain, flowers and of course, cleaning. Even those most disenchanted with chores could probably agree that spring cleaning just. feels. good. Spring cleaning isn’t just for ridding your home of clutter. For everyone who owns cats or pets in general, there’s a bit more to think about than those without furry pals. To make the most of your spring cleaning and keep your home smelling good and feeling good, we have put together our 5 best spring cleaning tips for cat owners. 

Battling the Shedding Season Struggle

Warming temps means shedding for our animal family. Make sure to dedicate some time to brushing and grooming so your kitty feels better and their fur doesn’t end up all over anything (even though it will still try its very best to do so). For clean-up afterward, follow this tutorial on how to thoroughly clean and disinfect your cat’s comb and brush.

CatGenie Maintenance

This one is for all us CatGenie owners. On a daily basis, the CatGenie can do its own thing without interference, and that’s what we all love about it! But just like you wouldn’t clean your own toilet, the CatGenie also needs a deep cleaning every once in a while, a couple times per year is the official recommendation. It does handle nasty cat waste after all. Maintenance on the CatGenie also ensures that your unit runs its best for years and years. We have a dedicated page to CatGenie maintenance to make cleaning as easy as possible featuring information and instructional videos. You can find it here. As always, if you need any assistance, give our CatGenie Specialists a call at 1-888-735-3927.

Let In The Air

In most parts of the United States, it has warmed up enough that it is high time to open up the windows to some fresh air and sunshine after a long winter. Since it is shedding season for our feline friends, letting in some fresh air will help get those loose hairs and allergens swept out of the house, pushing out stale air and replacing it with crisp, clean oxygen. Just make sure you have a screen in place so your kitty doesn’t go out on an unsupervised adventure!

Blankets and Comforter Refresh

You know those blankets you use at night while you sit on the couch and cuddle with your kitty? When was the last time you washed them? We get it - they most likely get folded up each night and don’t get put in with the weekly laundry. But those blankets are harboring lots of germs and cat hair. Collect all those cozy blankets and get them soaking in the wash. Bonus spring cleaning vibes if you have a clothesline to hang them out on to dry! There’s nothing better than some warm rays and a cool breeze to refresh your linens. While you’re at it, you just may want to get your bed comforter in the wash too!

Tidying Up Cat Toys

I would dare to wager that just about every cat household has some loose play mice or jingle bell balls scattered around their home, under couches and in random corners. Take some time to gather these up, brush off the dust and take inventory on what you have. Use a box or drawer to store them until playtime. In my home, I have a decorative box on the floor that my cats are able to access if they want to get a toy out on their own. Once your cat plays with them again, they are sure to end up in similar spots but for the sake of a spring clean refresh, this easy chore will help make your home feel more put together and less chaotic. At least, it always makes me feel that way!

Even crossing one of these things off the checklist will help your home look and feel better for you and your felines, so don't get overwhelmed. Happy cleaning!