Every March marks Paws to Read Month! Paws to Read is committed to motivating kids to practice reading and sharpen their skills by reading aloud to their pets or shelter animals! Not only does it help kids become better readers but it is a sweet treat for furry friends, especially those in shelters. To celebrate Paws to Read month, we have curated a list of great children’s books featuring cats and why they would be a great read!

Pete the Cat Series

First published in 2008 as a series of just four books, Pete the Cat has become a children’s literature icon! Illustrated and written by husband and wife duo, James and Kimberly Dean, these books are perfect for ages 3-6. Now with 21 books and (even a TV series) there is plenty to read when it comes to Pete!

Tails Are Not For Pulling

From author Elizabeth Verdick and illustrator Marieka Heinlen, this book is apart of the “Best Behavior” series of books that help teach youngsters to respect others and animals. Ranging for toddlers age 1-3, this book may be best read with the help of mom or dad during Paws To Read month. But it’s still perfect for Paws to Read because kids will learn to respect and love animals, all the while getting a reading lesson!

Cat Kid Comic Club

Great for kids aged 4-8, Cat Kid Comic Club is a spin-off series from author Dav Pilkey’s Dog Man series. Cat Kid Comic Club follows Li’l Petey who is the president of a club of comic creators. This book teaches about the importance of practice and persistence, which is a perfect theme for Paws to Read month!

The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read

There may not be a more perfect book to read to cats during Paws to Read month than this! Written by Curtis Manley and illustrated by Kate Berube, young Nick falls in love with reading and wants his kitties to as well. Kids from preschool age to third grade can enjoy this sweet read!


Published over 20 years ago in 1998, Yoko and the accompanying Yoko series are still teaching children the importance of tolerance and acceptance to this day. Yoko follows a young cat who is teased by her peers for the lunch she brings to school. Children ages 3-7 who are practicing their reading can tell the story of Yoko to their furry friends and learn themselves about embracing differences.