CatGenie A.I. Premium Add-Ons

3rd Year Warranty Extension

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Add additional peace of mind to your new litter-free life! CatGenie A.I. Classic includes an 18 month Limited Warranty (This option adds an additional year and 6 months of protection.) Only valid if purchased with CatGenie AI Classic purchase.

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GeniePocket Mat

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Slow Granules tracking like never before! GeniePocket Mat has a unique double layer design that is not only comfy to step on for cats and owners, but also traps any Granules that are tracked or kicked-out, keeping them from traveling...

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Give your cat the MOST private CatGenie experience with GenieDoor. Not only is it adorable, but the GenieDoor gives your cat the total privacy they crave, while controlling Granule kick-out and improving the energy efficiency of your CatGenie. The easy...

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