Shopping for gifts for loved ones seems to get harder the older everyone gets. What truly makes a good gift is something that can make life more enjoyable, and better yet EASIER! In that same spirit, we want to make gift-giving easier on YOU as well. Here are the 5 reasons why the CatGenie makes the perfect gift:

It's Self-Flushing

The problem with disposable cat litter is so much more than the need to scoop it. After scooping is finished, there’s still the disgusting chore of disposing of the waste. Whether it’s being stored to be disposed of later or it is taken to the trash right away, cat parents have WAY too much interaction with their cat's waste.

Even self-scooping cat boxes leave the chore of disposing of the waste! CatGenie does more than just scoop cat's waste and leave it for cat parents to clean up. It’s the only cat box in the world that actually flushes it out of the home for good. Imagine giving the gift of never handling cat waste again!

“The CatGenie has changed my life. I love that I don't have to scoop my cats' waste and that they can use a fresh, clean box whenever they want. I recommend the CatGenie to all cat owners.” - Katherine G.

It’s Litter-Free


For too long, cat owners have had basically no choice but to use clay litter for their cats. But that is no longer the case! Part of what makes the CatGenie able to be self-flushing is that it is litter-free! The CatGenie uses Washable, Reusable Granules, meaning cats have a fresh, clean cat box every time they need it. Unlike clay cat litter that gets soiled and then dumped out to go sit in a landfill, only a few boxes of Washable Granules at most are needed in a year for most cat households, making the CatGenie more cost effective in the long run for many families. Plus, CatGenie eliminates the need to haul huge buckets of clay cat litter from the store. That is truly a gift worth giving. 

"I love not lugging heavy litter around. The cats love a clean box every time. Changed my life. Worth every penny." -Linda C.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Cat in a CatGenie

Clay cat litter is made through a very harmful process called strip-mining. This harms the planet and the surrounding ecosystems, making it hard for them to recover. After that clay cat litter is transported and loaded into big plastic containers, all for it to end up soiled in a landfill again to stick around for hundreds of years. Because the CatGenie is litter free, there’s no need for any of this! The Washable Granules will biodegrade naturally by bacteria in sewer and septic systems. Plus, they come in recyclable cardboard boxes and you are able to recycle our SaniSolution cartridges too! If someone in your life has been trying to reduce their impact on the planet, the CatGenie could be just the gift to help them in their endeavor. 

"Worth the money to me knowing that I am no longer using litter that must be processed and that ends up in the environment. All the waste goes down into the septic and the litter biodegrades. 

Thanks CatGenie!" -Nathan P.

Cleaner Home and Cat

Cat stepping up to CatGenie

Cat owners have notoriously been known to have a ~smell~ in their homes, due to the litter box and the waste that lies within. Cats using these traditional litter boxes also step in the dirty box and then track litter and germs all around the house that gets ground up and is hard to clean because you can’t even see it. Gross. Giving the gift of a cleaner home without creating more chores means gifting a CatGenie! The CatGenie cleans itself after every use, so those Washable Granules cats step in are always clean, meaning cleaner paws, meaning a cleaner home! Additionally, the Washable Granules have ZERO dust! 

"I cannot smell ANY ‘cat smell’ at all in my house anymore. My house, in general, is much cleaner (less dust, dander) and I don’t freak out when the cats walk on the furniture or jump on the beds anymore." -Maggie B.

It is Connected (Smart/App)

CatGenie App

More and more homes nowadays have some sort of connected device that makes life easier. Well, cat owners can have that with their cat box as well! CatGenie goes beyond just being a self-running appliance but it is actually engineered with artificial intelligence and smart technology. The CatGenie A.I. connected app can do so much - track cat’s bathroom habits, keep track of unit health, send a notification when it’s time to order supplies and so much more. 

"We never have to guess when a cartridge is empty. We get updates on how often our cats use the potty and it’s running like a champ with 3 cats! The app works well and the A.I. is worth the money!!" - Briana Y.

CatGenie will change your life. Give yourself and your cat the gift of a litter-free life with CatGenie today!