Long-haired black cat Salem and long-haired grey cat Thumper sit side-by-side on a fluffy blanket.

As cat lovers, we always want to do what’s best for our furbabies. Luckily, sometimes what’s best for them ends up being what’s best for us too! Whether it’s a change in their routine that keeps more money in our pockets or a different product that leaves both you and your kitty happier, there is always room for improvement when it comes to the care of our cats. For one CatGenie customer, the Litter-Free Lifestyle did all this and more and provided an elevated level of living for her and her cats.

Dawn B., a Wisconsin native, started having health issues earlier than most. It began with back problems, which was tough enough, but then it progressed down to her legs and knees. She had to contend with swelling in her legs and numbness throughout her body. 

Living with this disability put Dawn in a tough spot. She’s a cat lover and has two of her own in her home, her cat Thumper and her daughter’s, Salem. Her daughter was helping her with daily chores but the day-to-day tasks of taking care of the cats were taking their toll. She had so much difficulty holding things with her hands, that she simply could no longer manage the chores involved with cat litter.

Carrying heavy cat litter bags also became too much to bear. She tried having them delivered to her house but that didn’t remove the burden completely as they still need to be carried into the house. Not to mention carrying dirty litter bags back out to the trash after cleaning the cat box. These tasks were adding up but no matter what, there was one thing Dawn was certain of. 

“I didn’t wanna get rid of my babies.”


Long-haired grey cat Thumper sits on a fluffy blanket.

By chance, Dawn saw an ad on the web for the CatGenie. She was intrigued and thought to herself, “That's really cool, that could really solve my problems,” so she looked into the self-scooping, self-washing and self-flushing system to see what it was really all about. 

Her preliminary research naturally started with a cost analysis. With Dawn’s two cats, who she considers big kitties, they went through a ton of litter. As she told people about the CatGenie, comments from her friends and family rolled in about the price tag. But that didn’t phase her - because she knows she’s right. Dawn realized once you really get into it and you’re only buying a cartridge every month or two for the CatGenie, it pays for itself compared to the annual cost of traditional litter.

“I’m on disability but when I figured out the cost, the CatGenie saves me so much money on cat litter. It was so worth it! It was really a good investment.” 

Although the cost savings were a deciding factor, they were not the only thing that got Dawn to make her decision to switch from dirty litter boxes to the Litter-Free Lifestyle. Her original frustrations with the hard work of  a regular cat box were completely eliminated with the CatGenie, meaning she, her daughter and her cats could be happier. 

“It’s so much easier ordering a little cleaning cartridge every couple months, it’s so easy. You don’t have to touch it, you don’t have to clean it, you don’t have to worry about it, I don’t have to bug my daughter to clean it because she’s helping me with other things. It frees up her time.”

Long-haired black cat Salem sprawls out on blanket.

The upgrade from the CatGenie 120 to the CatGenie A.I. made significant improvements in Dawn and her cats’ lives as well. Salem unfortunately has kidney problems. The issue was caught early, allowing the family to be proactive about his health. Fortunately with the CatGenie A.I., Dawn and her daughter get notifications whenever the CatGenie is used, which means they can track Salem’s health issues. It’s become another tool in the quest to give Salem a happier and longer life.

“We can tell if he’s getting enough liquids every day or not, so it’s wonderful that way. That’s going to help prolong his life and help his issues. As long as he is getting enough liquids everyday, it’s gonna help him live longer.” 

But even with the shorter, more comfortable to-do list and cost savings, , Dawn still wouldn’t say those are her favorite parts of the CatGenie. That honor would have to go to not having to touch it - and the smell - or more specifically the lack thereof. 

“Nobody knows we have a cat. A lot of times when you walk into someone’s house, you go ‘Oh, you have a cat.’ Nobody knows I have a cat!”

Salem’s prescription food makes that smell even worse. Dawn has noticed that the most as the biggest difference between her old litter life and her new CatGenie life. There’s no more smell since the CatGenie takes it right away, hands-free.

“Nobody wants to do that. You have a cat but still, no one wants to do that.”