Cat next to CatGenie A.I
Cat inside CatGenie A.I
Front dimension of CatGenie A.I
Side dimensions of CatGenie A.I
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CatGenie provides a 90 day money back guarantee in case you or your cat do not like the CatGenie.
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Every CatGenie Comes with a 2 year warranty.
AES 256bit
CatGenie offers 7 Day Support to all CatGenie customers.
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Cat inside CatGenie A.I
Standard & Premium Packages Include:
  • 1 CatGenie A.I. Self-Washing Cat Box
  • Lifetime Access to CatGenie App
  • 1 Fresh Scent SaniSolution Cartridge
  • 1 Box of Washable Granules
  • T-Adapters for Setup
Premium Package also includes:
  • 2 additional SaniSolution Cartridges (Fresh Scent or Scent Free)
  • 1 GenieDome & Sidewalls Set
    (An $89.97 Value!)

Fresh Scent

Scent Free


Litter Free

3rd Year Warranty Extension

Add additional peace of mind to your new litter-free life!

 All CatGenie A.I. packages include a 2 year Limited Warranty (This option adds an additional year of protection.) Only valid if purchased within 90 days of CatGenie AI purchase.


GeniePocket Mat



GeniePocket Mat has a unique double layer design that is not only comfy to step on for cats and owners, but also traps any Granules that are tracked or kicked-out, so you can dump any collected Granules back into your CatGenie. Plus it is designed to fit perfectly next to your CatGenie!




Give your cats the privacy they crave! The GenieDome comes with GenieSidewalls and attach to your CatGenie with just a snap. It will even help to control any Washable Granules your cat may kick out while digging and make your CatGenie dry more efficiently by allowing your Unit to recirculate warm air.




GenieDoor gives your cat the most private CatGenie experience by creating a fully enclosed space. It also improves the energy efficiency of your CatGenie.

Genie Sidewalls



Genie Sidewalls add 4" of extra height to keep your diggers and kickers from scattering Granules outside the box. The easy 2-piece assembly of Sidewalls adds extra privacy for your cats in a snap!

One-time, simple hook up to cold water, a laundry drainpipe or toilet, electric, and Wi-Fi (for the CatGenie App)


In most homes, CatGenie should be
installed in your laundry room, bathroom or utility room. You can choose whichever option works best for your household and your cat. Learn more.


CatGenie A.I. is 19.25" wide in front. 17.5" wide top, 21" high, 24.5" deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8' long, Drain Hose 10' long.

Weight, Assembled:

25 lbs.

CatGenie is the only cat box on Earth that scoops, washes and dries itself clean after every use.

Every time CatGenie cleans it will...
Demonstration of how the GenieArm scoops away solids out of the CatGenie.

Scoop solid waste. Liquids will drain through Granules.

Animation showing what the CatGenie Hopper looks like on the inside.

Flush away all waste.

Animated demonstration of how SaniSolution and water scrubs the Granules clean.

Wash itself clean with water and vet-approved SaniSolution.

Animated demonstration of how warm air is blown out of the CatGenie and onto the Granules to dry them.

Warm air dry itself.

Cold water line, laundry drainpipe or toilet, electric outlet and Wi-Fi required for one-time setup.

Your cat will always find a completely clean and dry box
and you'll never touch cat litter again.

CatGenie A.I. is the world's first Smart Cat Box!

CatGenie A.I. uses artificial intelligence to give you and your cat the most customized and personalized waste management system ever invented for cats.

It’s time your cats have a Smart Home too!

2 Phones
Plus you can stay connected to your cat from anywhere with the CatGenie App.

Monitor your cat's usage, receive Smart performance alerts and supply monitoring with quick reordering, no matter where life takes you.
Learn more about the CatGenie App >>

We've Taken The Risk Out Of Going Litter-Free with CatGenie!

Every CatGenie comes with:

- 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

- 2 Year Limited Warranty

- 7 Day Customer Support

Plus earn 5% back to spend on future orders at direct and save!

Order your CatGenie today an NEVER buy, carry, smell or touch cat litter again!

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