Dirty Light Guide

Your CatGenie A.I. is detecting that your Light Guide needs to be cleaned and your Unit cannot run properly. Please clean it immediately.

To clean your Light Guide: Remove the Processing Unit. Pull the Light Guide up from the top of the Hopper. Use a soft cloth to wipe the tip. The tip must be lime free. Carefully replace the Light Guide. If the Light Guide is missing, get another from the Spare Parts bag under the Base. Once the Issue Alert has cleared, please access the Testing Menu to run a Finishing Cycle.

The tip of the Light Guide is the most important part- be sure to get it clean!

If cleaning the Light Guide does not clear the Issue Alert, your CatGenie may be experiencing a Drainage Obstruction. Please Follow These Directions to clear the obstruction.

If you need another replacement Light Guide, call Customer Support at 1-888-735-3927.