We’ve all seen it in the movies (ahem - I’m looking at you The Incredibles) and there’s a chance you’ve encountered it in real life - a cat is stuck high up in a tree. A spectacle ensues and everyone cheers as the cat is safely brought back to the ground. In movies and reality, most people reach for the phone to call the fire department. 

But if you’re in the Jefferson County area of Missouri, a local business has got you covered.

Atypical Cat Rescue is staying true to their name and saving kitties stuck in trees. According to their website, the business consists of two ISA Certified Arborist brothers who share a passion for climbing and working with trees. They note that their skills in conjunction with a love for animals, give them the ability to “bring your kitty to ground level.”


So - why contact arborists to save that poor cat rather than attempt a daring DIY rescue mission or calling the fire department? The brothers explain:

The main reason to call a professional is that climbing trees - especially large ones where cats tend to get stuck - is a dangerous venture. The Atypical Cat Rescuers have the training and equipment needed to stay safe during these extrications. If you don’t have a team of qualified brothers who have climbed trees all over the world to help get the kitty back to land, your other option is the fire department.  But understand that their ability to help is hit or miss depending on the equipment they have available.  

If your cat gets stuck in a tree, you should always try to call a certified professional first, before contacting emergency services. Thankfully there is an online international directory of tree servicers you can call for your area called Cat In A Tree Emergency Rescue

Since we all like happy endings, here are some photos of the Atypical Cat Rescue saving some kitties, credited to their website gallery. Make sure to give them a like and a follow on Facebook.

Written by Madison Longenecker