Smart Features You'll Love About CatGenie A.I.

CatGenie A.I. isn’t just a self-scooping cat box- it’s a fully self-cleaning SMART cat box! CatGenie A.I. utilizes artificial intelligence to give you and your cat the most customized and personalized waste management system ever invented for cats. With the help of the CatGenie App, you’ll get detailed analysis of bathroom behaviors, personalized cleaning and scheduling recommendations based on your cat’s preferences and more!

The World's Cleanest Cat Box is Also the World's Smartest Cat Box!

It’s time your feline friends enjoy the benefits of the age of A.I. too! Here’s our customers’ 5 favorite smart features that you will LOVE about life with your CatGenie A.I. and the CatGenie App!

A.I.-Powered Unit Health Monitoring

The technology inside your CatGenie A.I. does more than just clean away your cat's waste. Since the CatGenie will run weeks (possibly months!) without needing your interaction, we made sure the Unit continually monitors your cat's bathroom behaviors and it’s own cleaning cycles, including your water pressure, air temperatures and the cleanliness of your Unit and more. This data enables our powerful Artificial Intelligence tools to provide personalized maintenance and scheduling recommendations in the App to maximize performance and anticipate potential issues to minimize disruptions. We know it is important for both you and your cat to always have a fresh, clean CatGenie waiting for them, so we designed the A.I. model to help!

Personalized Maintenance Recommendations

The Artificial Intelligence behind your CatGenie A.I. analyzes your cat’s usage patterns and Unit performance to provide personalized recommendations on how to best maintain your Unit for optimal performance and longevity.

Personalized Settings & Schedule Recommendations

If you're not sure the best way to run your CatGenie for you and your cat, don't worry, the A.I. has your back. The data collected by your Unit is analyzed to evaluate how many times your cat uses the CatGenie and how many cleaning cycles it runs each day to make recommendations about optimizing your settings. This way you're not over-running or under-running your CatGenie for top efficiency.

Intelligent Supply-Use Monitoring and Reorder Assist

We know your to-do list is never ending, so we designed CatGenie A.I. to help keep remembering supplies for your cat box off your list. Inside the App, you will always be able to see exactly how many cleanings are left on your SaniSolution cartridge because your CatGenie A.I. tracks your typical cycles-per-day. This allows Artificial Intelligence to accurately predict when you should reorder cartridges. You’ll even receive alerts to reorder with plenty of time to spare! Start your order with a simple click inside the CatGenie App.

Smart, Resource-Use-Minimizing Cleaning Cycles

A Smart Cat Box Can Reduce Your Eco-Impact too!

Our mission to bring you the most eco-friendly waste management system ever invented for your cat now leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to lower your impact on the planet every day.

Available only when using a GenieDome with your CatGenie A.I.

When we designed the CatGenie A.I., we connected it to a revolutionary intelligent monitoring system that automatically adjusts your cleaning cycles to reduce resource usage whenever possible. Plus, these micro-adjustments help to increase the lifespan of your supplies and help your CatGenie stay cleaner, longer. Users who have added a GenieDome to their CatGenie A.I. will benefit from a Smart Drying Cycle. Your CatGenie A.I. continually monitors the Drying Cycle temperatures, allowing Artificial Intelligence to make adjustments to ensure only the amount of energy needed to dry the Granules is used. The GenieDome allows CatGenie to recirculate the warm air generated to reduce energy consumption.

Intelligent Performance Alerts and Instant Support

Even the best designed devices leveraging the most current technology available will inevitably need a little TLC from time to time. The CatGenie A.I. is a set-it and forget-it cat box, but even when you do need you to give it some attention, we’re leveraging Artificial Intelligence to make it as drama-free as possible!

Because your CatGenie A.I. is connected to a powerful Artificial Intelligence system that is always monitoring your Unit data and usage trends, we are able to anticipate performance interruptions before they happen! With CatGenie A.I., you will receive a notification letting you know exactly what needs attention and a link directly to detailed how-to videos on how to correct the issue. If our recommendation is to contact support, you’ll get one click access to our team.

For many of our tech-loving customers, their CatGenie A.I. has quickly become their favorite smart appliance. Some people even say they’d rather give up their washing machine than get rid of their CatGenie. Not only have we eliminated the chore of cat box maintenance, we’ve made it more efficient and worry-free than ever. Bet you never knew a cat box could be so smart, huh?

Put the power of Artificial Intelligence to work for your cat with CatGenie A.I. today!

Written by Madison Longenecker, 2021