Some CatGenie users have been wondering how to recycle their SaniSolution Cartridges. CatGenie SaniSolution Cartridges are made from a recyclable #6 Polystyrene Plastic. To recycle your used SaniSolution Cartridge, first remove the empty aluminum bag inside. All you need is a flat head screwdriver.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Grab your used SaniSolution Cartridge and a standard flathead screwdriver.

gather material

Step 2: Cut Open Each Side

Cut along each side with the edge of the screwdriver, cutting the plastic label keeping the cartridge together.

Cutting One Side Cutting the other side

Step 3: Open the cartridge

Wedge the edge of the screwdriver between the two pieces of plastic until you hear a click. It will be easy to tell when you've opened it.


Step 4: Recycle

Remove the silver bag inside and the outer plastic of the cartridge is ready to be recycled!

Check out the video tutorial too!