Give the gift of a cleaner home, more time and less chores this holiday season. How can you do that you may ask? Well, by giving the gift of CatGenie of course! You may be asking yourself, how does a CatGenie equal those things? And who would love to see a CatGenie under their tree? We made it easy for you by listing off just who in your life a CatGenie would make the perfect gift for this holiday season!

For the Foster Cat Parent

An orange cat hugs a gray and white cat.

Foster cat parents take on so much responsibility when it comes to fostering. Depending on how many cats they foster and own themselves, many hours a day are selflessly spent taking care of these cats so they can have a better life than they would in a shelter. The number one thing that takes up the most time and is the most grueling would have to be cleaning the litter boxes. Having one cat to clean up after yourself can be hard enough, but double, if not quadruple that and it is quite the time investment. A gifted CatGenie could be just the thing to help ease mountains of stress off your favorite feline foster parent and possibly could help them take care of even more cats! Show them that you appreciate the work they do and support their cause with a CatGenie this holiday season. They will thank you for it!

For the Road Warrior

Cat sits in open luggage.

Whether it be for work or for pleasure, frequent travelers who own cats always need assistance in taking care of their kitty while they’re away from home. In some cases, that cat care is paid. In others, it’s a sweet friend (maybe even you reading this) that helps out. Sure, coming over to feed and play with Kitty is fun but you still also get stuck with the grossest duty of them all - cleaning that very full litter box. Save your road warrior friends and yourself from this frustrating task by gifting them a CatGenie. Not only will it save the chore but it will ensure that Kitty is taken well care of while the family is gone, even if it’s a couple days with no cat-sitter. Plus, after being on the road, there will be no overflowing litter box to come home to. Talk about a happy homecoming!

For the Techie

Long-haired calico cat sits near laptop.

With all the tech gadgets on the market in 2021, it’s easy to have a truly functioning smart home. If the techie in your life already has the newest and coolest gadgets on the market and you’re struggling to find a gift for them, consider the CatGenie A.I.! Most techies who own cats would probably overlook one of the best areas to automate in their home - the cat’s litter box. With CatGenie, they finally can have one of the worst chores in their home taken care of for them and geek out on the artificial intelligence behind the engineering and data. 

For the Parents of Young Kids

Two young girls play with their cat.

Let’s be honest - parents with young kids would most likely be happy with some down time as a gift for Christmas. Even though you can’t literally give them time to themselves, you can help decrease their chore load and help them earn that time back! A CatGenie will help parents save hours and hours each month on the chore of cleaning the litter box, shopping at the store for new litter and lugging/storing it in their home. Plus most cat owners save in the long run when investing in a CatGenie! Not to mention the fact that litter boxes are so gross, and even grosser thinking about young children being around it, tracking it through the house and the stress of a youngster accidentally getting into it. Not a good combination. That stress is gone with CatGenie since it will be cleaned after every use and the Granules are non-toxic. A win-win for the whole household. Help out your mom and dad friends this holiday season and maybe you’ll even get to spend more quality time with them too! 

For the Elderly Loved One

An elderly person holds a cat in their arms.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, research found that 1 in 10 adults between 50-80 years old adopted a “pandemic pet.” Even before the pandemic, the research behind seniors benefiting from an animal companion had been widely supported. Sometimes though, having a pet, even a relatively low maintenance pet like a cat, can be difficult for senior citizens to properly take care of, especially when it comes to cleaning the litter box. Some even find themselves needing to re-home their pet, which is sad and stressful for owner and animal alike. With the gift of a CatGenie, seniors are able to keep their cats in their homes and better take care of them so no rehoming is needed. With the CatGenie A.I., the connected CatGenie App features Account Sharing so you can even help monitor the CatGenie from afar, so your loved one doesn’t have to worry. Give your senior loved ones an easier and cleaner life with their cat! 

For Your Favorite Cat Lady
Woman cuddles her cat and while her other cat waits for their turn.

Cat ladies have been a cliché for what feels like forever. Thankfully, they (we) get a better wrap nowadays and are known for being caring rather than “crazy.” Whether your favorite cat lady has just one cat or a household of them, the CatGenie is the perfect thing for her and her feline family! Being dedicated to her cats means she has been taking care of a lot of dirty work for a long time while still balancing all the other aspects of life. But this doesn’t have to be the way! Show her you truly get her needs by gifting her a CatGenie this holiday season so she can get back to cuddling those cats instead of cleaning up after them.

For the Cat Dad

A man holds his cat up in the air lovingly.

Cat dad’s have made quite the emergence in the last few years and more power to them! We believe that all men should adopt cats. But for busy cat dads, chores and cat care could end up taking a back seat. That’s why a CatGenie is a great gift for the devoted cat dad in your life. They can rest assured knowing that while they’re at work or out with friends, Kitty is still being well taken care of, easing the stress off of the both of them. Plus, he’ll have you to thank for the cleaner, happier home!

Whoever you have in your life that will receive a CatGenie this holiday season, they will thank you for the gift of more time, less stress and a cleaner, healthier home. Visit to learn more about the world’s only self-flushing, self-washing cat box.