We have comprised a list of some of the best cat blogs across the web to satiate your need for cat content and to help you learn about your very own feline's behaviors and needs!


The Purrington Post

  • Composed of a team of talented felines with Editor in Chief Mouse at the helm, you can find just about any advice you need when it comes to cats. Their specialties include cat behavior, cat facts, cat breeds, cat lifestyle (including a lot of fun giveaways!), inspiring stories and even a feline funny section. Even better, you can follow the whole team at their respective Instagram accounts to feel even more connected to Purrington Post!

The Catnip Times

  • With a following of over 827,000 readers on Facebook alone, The Catnip Times has made a name for itself through becoming a well-curated resource of all things cat news, lifestyle and health. Some of their articles include a how-to on registering your cat as an emotional support animal, a cat food recall list to make sure you always are in the know and cat product reviews to help you make the best purchasing decisions for your feline family. 

The Creative Cat

  • As the name suggests, The Creative Cat blog isn’t just home to cat tips and information. Here is where you can enjoy more of the artistic side of loving a cat with features of photography, poetry and art that is all cat-centric! If you are searching for some creative inspiration to feed your cat-loving soul, this is the blog to read. 

Feline Behavior Solutions

  •  There may be times that you need advice for a behavioral issue you are seeing in your cat and that’s where Feline Behavior Solutions comes in. Not only does Dr. Marci blog about the good and the bad of cat behavior and offer advice through her articles but she also offers a service for cats that need extra help. If you’re in need of guidance for a particular issue, this blog is a great place to start. 

The Meow Blog

  • For a bit more fun, The Meow Blog regularly shares cat memes, real-life cat tales and heartwarming rescue stories from around the globe! There’s no doubt you will be entertained when you become an avid reader of the meow blog. P.S. If you are also a dog lover, they have a section dedicated to canines!