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    Save 5% More Green…
    Collect Blue Points.

    You don't need a blue point kitty to
    find CatGenie rewards. To earn your
    Blue-Point savings, register and shop at
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  • CatGenie custom designs
    and custom packages.

    Your cats can go in the style of their choice. CatGenie offers a full-cover dome (Tuxedo), 1/2-way-up side walls (Calico), or the open plan (Tabby). Each priced accordingly.

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  • Exclusive 2-Year Warranty.

    The moment you see it, you'll know why,
    since 2006, cat lovers worldwide trust their
    cats to the high-quality CatGenie and you'll
    have 3 months to fall in love too; or use our

    90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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