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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

The Tuxedo Package comes with everything you need.

- 1 CatGenie 120, World's only Self-Flushing, Self-Washing Cat Box
- 1 GenieDome with SideWalls for cats who prefer total privacy ($35 value)
- 3 SaniSolution-Fresh Scent Cartridges good for 4-6 months for 2 cats ($78 value)
- 1 Box of Washable Granules
- Easy Manuals and T-Adapters for Setup
- 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 2-Year Warranty. FREE Shipping (Except AK, HI, Canada)
- Reward points towards your next supply purchase (5% back)

  • Buy 2 for $310.00 each and save 4%

Regular Price: $349.00

Special Price $319.99

In stock Product code: 891329001393
About the CatGenie 120:
CatGenie 120 automatically scoops, liquefies, and flushes cat waste out your home. Uses water and SaniSolution to wash and sanitize Cat Bowl and Granules. CatGenie dries interior and Granules for your cat's comfort.

The Tuxedo Package comes with Everything you would ever need. You will have the GenieDome-with SideWalls, enough supplies to last 4-6 months for 2 cats. .
CatGenie 120 is the greenest cat box ever. And, quite possibly, the most economical. The new 120 SaniSolution Cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable (unlike cat litter, which is neither). The Cartridge holds 120 washes and, when set on Cat Activation, it provides 240 washes. One Cartridge uses less plastic than the lid of one plastic litter jug and the plastic cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable.

Only CatGenie 120 SaniSolution Cartridges will work with the CatGenie 120. These are in Clear plastic. All green colored Cartridges will not work in this unit.

Features Tuxedo Packageā„¢ Includes:
  • CatGenie 120, World's only Self-Flushing, Self-Washing Cat Box
  • GenieDome with SideWalls for cats who prefer total privacy
  • 3 SaniSolution-Fresh Scent Cartridges good for 5-6 months for 2 cats
  • 1 Box of Washable Granules
  • 2 T-Adapters for either an laundry or bathroom setup
  • 3 Manuals, Simple Set Up, Operations, and Cat Acclimation

  • Additions:
    -90-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
    -2-year Warranty
    -Free Shipping within contiguous US

    Requirements Requirements:
    One-time, simple setup to cold water, a laundry drainpipe or toilet, and electric. CatGenie is 19" wide in front, 16" wide bottom back, 17" wide top back, 21" high, 24" deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8' long, Drain Hose 10' long. CatGenie Colors. Base: Pearl Gray, Top: Porcelain White. Assembled CatGenie weighs: 25 lbs.

    Only CatGenie 120 SaniSolution Cartridges will work with the CatGenie 120. These are in Clear plastic. All green colored Cartridges will not work in this unit

    183 Reviews

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    CatGenie is worth every penny! Review by Pamela
    We've been using our "Magical Vestibule of Awesomeness," a.k.a. CatGenie for exactly two years and let me just say, it's the BEST investment we've ever made. Granted, it was hard swallowing the cost of this thing, but let me assure you, we've NEVER once regretted our decision to buy it, not even a little.

    Can I tell you how nice it is to NOT have to deal with cleaning a litter box anymore? (!!!) Clumping clay cat litter smeared all over the floor, running out to get kitty litter every month, washing out the box, you get the point. It was a horrible daunting task that we all avoided like the plague. I do not miss one second of the dark ages (life before the magical CatGenie came to live with us).

    This thing scoops, cleans, sanitizes, and blow dries the litter all while I don't have to touch it! Seriously, GOD bless America. I am so grateful to have this in my life and my cats are, too.

    The only complaint I have about the CatGenie is that when the sensor needs cleaning, the smell can be quite foul, but running another cycle after cleaning the sensor usually does the trick. Regardless, I would much rather deal with 20 minutes of sensor foulness than deal with 5 minutes of clay cat litter again.

    I also suggest getting this package or at least one that offers the dome. Otherwise, the plastic litter will end up everywhere. Especially if you have cats like mine, who use the most dramatic of motions to cover their waste, which ultimately results in plastic granules of torture all over the floor.

    You WILL NOT regret purchasing this unit, I promise!
    (Posted on 6/25/2010)
    Best Choice Review by edgecase
    I knew this would be the way to go, I wasn't sure at first about getting the sidewalls but it's better to minimize getting granules around the room. This machine changed my life, improved my relationship with my cat, and made it safe to let him sleep in the bedroom again. Great product, and great service as well. The only other company whose products I get this level of satisfaction from is Apple. (Posted on 6/22/2010)
    Tuxedo is the way to go! Review by Bridget
    I bought the Tabby package and I really love the machine, but afterward I realized that my cats prefer a "private" place to do their thing so I ended up purchasing the dome separately. Also you will not get a better value for supplies than by taking advantage of theTuxedo package pricing and getting the extra sanisolution and granules up front. The supplies do last as long as they say they do, but you'll still need to replace granules and catridges so why not get the best price available while avoiding running out of supplies? I wish I had gone this way the first time - but you live and you learn! No matter how you slice it - I LOVE MY CatGenie!! :) (Posted on 6/12/2010)
    183 Item(s)

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