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Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

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About the CatGenie 120:
CatGenie 120 automatically scoops, liquefies, and flushes cat waste out your home. Uses water and SaniSolution to wash and sanitize Cat Bowl and Granules. CatGenie dries interior and Granules for your cat's comfort.

The Tuxedo Package comes with Everything you would ever need. You will have the GenieDome-with SideWalls, enough supplies to last 5-6 months for 2 cats...


14 Hr Awake / 10 Hr sleep

Sleeps day or night. You decide
1 -10-Min Delay before cleaning. Suitable for 1 cat or cats who will only use a clean box every time
2 -30-Min Delay before cleaning. Suitable for 2-3 cats who go together; don’t mind a used box.

3 -10-Min Delay before cleaning. Suitable for 1 cat or cats who will only use a clean box every time
4 -30-Min Delay before cleaning. Suitable for 2-3 cats who go together; don’t mind a used box.

CatGenie 120 is the greenest cat box ever. And, quite possibly, the most economical. The 120 SaniSolution Cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable (unlike cat litter, which is neither). The Cartridge holds 120 washes and, when set on Cat Activation, it provides 240 washes. One Cartridge uses less plastic than the lid of one plastic litter jug and the plastic cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable.
Features Tuxedo Package™ Includes:
  • CatGenie 120, World's only Self-Flushing, Self-Washing Cat Box
  • GenieDome with SideWalls for cats who prefer total privacy
  • 2 SaniSolution-Scent Free Cartridges good for up to 3-4 months for 2 cats
  • 1 SaniSolution-Fresh Scent Cartridge good for up to 2 months for 2 cats
  • 1 Box of Washable Granules
  • 2 T-Adapters for either an laundry or bathroom setup
  • 3 Manuals, Simple Set Up, Operations, and Cat Acclimation
  • FREE shipping and handling ($28 value)*
  • Additions:
    -90-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee
    2-year Warranty

    Free shipping not available in AK, HI, & Canada
    Requirements Requirements:
    One-time, simple setup to cold water, a laundry drainpipe or toilet, and electric. CatGenie is 19" wide in front, 16" wide bottom back, 17" wide top back, 21" high, 24" deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8' long, Drain Hose 10' long. CatGenie Colors. Base: Pearl Gray, Top: Porcelain White. Assembled CatGenie weighs: 25 lbs.

    Only CatGenie 120 SaniSolution Cartridges will work with the CatGenie 120. These are in Clear plastic. All green colored Cartridges will not work in this unit

    51 Reviews

    51 Item(s)
    Great Product! Review by Jennifer
    You might as well go ahead and buy this package because you will likely end up adding the extra parts later. It holds in the smell better than just having an open top. My 2 kittens took to it immediately. I didn't even have to get them used to the cleaning cycle. They just stand there and watch it while it's cleaning. The only bad thing is that my kitties will jump right back in it after it's clean and just scratch around, but this activates the machine to clean again. I haven't figured out which setting I want to use yet. I like cat activation to help avoid the smells, but since they like to jump in it right after a cleaning just to play around, I may have to put it on a different setting. Regardless, this is a fantastic product! (Posted on 8/13/2014)
    Well that was easy. Review by Ryan
    So with the scary piece of paper that says to use two litter boxes near each other until they're full ready to move into the new one in my hand I was really worried since I live in a cramped apartment in SF and only room for one litter box. So, since it had a 3 month return I figured what the hell, lets give it a go.

    The water part of the setup was easy, probably not a necessary step, but I did go buy some water pipe sealant tape to be on the safe side and put it on all the metal parts that screw together under the sink. It costs about $.79 a roll for enough tape to wrap 1000 shower heads or so, so not a huge loss of money.

    Everything came well packed with a good use of space, not as much waste generated from the packaging with the worst part being the styrofoam. But I'm a recycling dictator so I give highest marks for when packaging is exactly the size it needs to be using the bare minimum of styrofoam and plastic wrap, or biodegradable plastic film for the parts that need assembly.

    They spent their time making everything just pop into place without tools. The hardest part of assembly was the dome. Find a video or website that shows you the handy trick on how to do it. Make sure you follow their instructions on how to wind the water hoses, you don't want kinking or pinched anything.

    It came with a fresh scent on top of the no scent. I'm not a big fan of the fresh scent but I figured that'd be the case. Once it's gone I"ll be going with the no scent.

    Now the biggie, after all their scary warnings about finicky cats, dual litter boxes etc. and after I ran one test run to make sure everything was assembled right, I open the door and one cat ran in and immediately used it which was fantastic... however, the other cat was so interested she tried to actually get into the litter box with the other cat (one 15lb cat, one 20lb cat, yeah, that was not going to happen in this lifetime) because she was so interested in it too! So fears completely alleviated, I have a feeling I won't be returning this based on the fact both cats used it the second they could. Just wow.

    Plus, I now have a very happy girlfriend who will never have to clean the litter-box again. Now that it falls under technology, it's my job to take care of the maintenance/repairs if necessary. :-D

    The price may seem steep, but when you add up all the little costs of litter plus the hidden costs of both cleaning it out daily of cat poop then cleaning it out every once in a while because it just smells so bad, I feel in time the savings both monetarily and mentally will outweigh traditional litter costs and be safer for the environment. We are able to ditch litter and our need for the litter locker after this and have more space in our bathroom even though this thing is huge. (Posted on 7/23/2014)
    The TOTAL PACKAGE!!! Review by Cyndie
    I have had my Cat Genie for four years now!!!
    I started out with the 60 and upgraded to the 120 when it came out! BEST invention EVER!!!
    I have had up to four cats at a time, bless the ones that have passed, I would NEVER EVER EVER GO BACK to an old type litter box again!
    I've enjoyed ALL the improvements that have been made to the 120 model and so has the rest of my family, both human and animal!
    I got a new kitten last Sept. and she automatically took right to the Genie! No problem adjusting at all, as if it had been bread right into her to use it! I own Persians and we all know how finicky they can be...nevertheless, (knock on wood) they have always used the genie and no other "accidents"!! They do not mind sharing the same box like many cats do with the typical old smelly styled litter boxes!
    I haven't even had to increase the number of genies for cat/genie ratio!!!
    We can go away for a weekend and not have to worry about "accidents" in case our pet sitter "forgets" to scoop....My pet sitters now truly enjoy sitting for us! Easy job with the Genie!!
    LOVE NOT smelling a litter box too!!! I prefer the scent free solution!
    I have all the accessories and just love the total package!
    Genie you have made our wishes come true!!!! (Posted on 5/30/2014)
    LOVE IT!!!!! Review by Michael
    No more scooping or changing out cat litter...with 8 cats we was changing out litter in 3 boxes every week...This is the best thing ever!!!! (Posted on 3/6/2014)
    Fabulous idea for cats! Review by Rosemary
    I have had my CatGenie for almost 3 years. I bought it for a 19 year old Burmese initially. When you died at 20, I adopted two 1 year old Burmese cats and wondered how it would work for the pair. These two 'pound kitties' have had some digestive problems, so occasionally I have had to skim small pieces out after the granules have gone through the cycle, but in general if functions just as well as it did for one. I really love the convenience of the device. The hoses run through a closet wall and under a whirlpool bathtub coming out small halls in the side of the tub near the toilet. There has never been an issue. When this one goes, I will definitely buy another. Love not having to deal with a litter box constantly, and the cats love having a clean box all the time. (Posted on 1/19/2014)
    LOVE my Cat Genie Review by annik
    I got the cat genie a couple years ago i love it! Going to get another and get rid of my downstairs litter box too. I got the tuxedo package and really like the dome. helps keep the granules contained and prevents me from dropping things accidentally into the genie. also, love the scent-free sani solution cleanser. Highly Recommend!! (Posted on 1/16/2014)
    Cat genie is a genius! Review by Jeanne
    Ideal for owners like us...
    I've only had issues with it once but that was because I didn't really keep up with maintenance cleaning of it. Buying the maintenance cartridge and periodic cleaning will prevent this from happening again. Instruction booklet was quite easy to follow and informative. Dexter learned how to use it as soon as I set it up and loves it!

    Cat genie is the best invention ever! (Posted on 1/12/2014)
    Worth it! Review by Elyse
    While this is an expensive purchase, my fiance and I feel like it was well worth it. We've had the catgenie for over a year and have had minimal problems with it. It's so fantastic with our busy schedules not to have to worry about keeping the litter box clean. Our cats acclimated quickly to the catgenie and seem to like it better since it's always clean. I had a problem with one of the parts, but customer service is great and helped us figure out the issue. We compared the scent to scent free cartridges and I personally hated the scented. We don't like that the granules get tracked everywhere, but I feel like the convenience makes it worth it. I would not recommend the cat genie if you have to put it near an area that you don't want to smell it occasionally. Every once in a while it gives off a terrible odor. We solved the problem by putting a cat door to our laundry room so we don't have to leave the door open. That fixed the problem! Overall, if you don't want to worry about scooping poop, buy this. (Posted on 12/8/2013)
    Worth Every Dollar - Period!! Review by SGT-USMC Ret.
    The CatGenie is one of the most outstanding machines I've seen (Both in and out of the Marine Corps) ... The Tuxedo Package is the PERFECT for starting out (as this is what my Wife & I purchased years ago.) The Customer Service is OUTSTANDING and will stay on the phone with you until the issue (if there is one) until it's resolved. Easy install and great instructions.... Can't say enough about the CatGenie as it's truly change our lives (and out Kitty) as well with a fresh and clean litter box each time.

    Thanks again CatGenie for making an incredible product that has the quality and value to back it up. If your on the fence about buying one, purchase it and trust me, you will agree with me on all the above. Coming from a Sergeant of Marines that was severely wounded, this is something that that takes one more task out of days chore list!

    Thanks again CatGenie and SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Always Faithful) (Posted on 11/27/2013)
    Ordering a second CatGenie Review by lcmmd
    I got a CatGenie in November 2012 for use in the master bathroom upstairs. The only problem I had initially was that often very small pieces of poo would get left behind and, well, baked poo is horrible! I contacted customer service and they suggested that I remove the small racheted plastic part that the sifting arm lifts up against. In doing this the sifting is a bit smoother, so a little more litter sticks and goes into the hopper, BUT it now is only rarely that small poo bits get knocked off and baked! (BTW, I only just ordered a new box of litter--after 8 months and 3 of 5 cats consistently using the CatGenie.) I am quite pleased with the Cat Genie, and since I have figured out where to place a "downstairs" CatGenie am ordering a second one. No more scooping! (Posted on 8/7/2013)
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