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About PetNovations

At PetNovations our goals are simple:

Provide you with excellent products and superior service.

Our mission at PetNovations is to enhance the cat and cat lover experience.

Novation is a legal term that means a change in obligation or relationship. As much as we love our pets and call them members of the family, a few annoying chores, for which we are obligated, put a strain on the relationship. For cat lovers, it’s the litter box.

With the CatGenie, we created a unique product that is not only of excellent quality and dependability, it comes with exceptional support and service.

PetNovations products are based on patented, technological breakthroughs that have been extensively tested before being brought to market. CatGenie is the culmination of years of research and development. It utilizes several technologies to achieve a unique solution to your cat care needs. Our service to you is as critical as the performance of our products. We provide complete after sales support for cat issues, product service, and efficient ordering of the supplies you need to keep your CatGenie operating properly.

PetNovations, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of PETNOVATIONS, LTD. the inventor and manufacturer of the revolutionary CatGenie. We are headquartered in Norristown, Pennsylvania just a few miles from Valley Forge, site of another Revolution.  PetNovations is responsible for sales and marketing, and customer service for the CatGenie in the United States.

We’ve made a long-term commitment to you, our customers. We believe that your CatGenie will change the relationship between you and your cat friend. by allowing you to enjoy more time with your cats in a cleaner, healthier, happier environment.

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