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Introducing BlanCat:
A Calming BlanCat For Cats

Why Cat’s Love BlanCat

BlanCat is specially designed to comfort your cat. Air pockets in the soft, fleece fabric stimulate your cat's natural kneading response. We call this rhythmic behavior, "blancatting." Blancatting is proven to soothe and relax your cat.

Cat Behaviorists believe kneading is a behavior cats learn as a kitten when they paw on their mother's belly to stimulate milk flow. Adult cats carry this behavior into adulthood and often purr while "blancatting".

Doubling as a soft bed, the BlanCat is a safe place for your cat to knead without digging their claws into you or your furniture.


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So soft
So soft. Carlos is ready for nap time
Carlos, our office cat, demonstrates his blancatting technique.