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Why CatGenie

  • Stop the endless cycle of dirty work
    with the touch of a button.
  • Stop littering and save the earth.
    Use reusable Washable Granules.
  • Stop lugging litter and breathing
    germ-filled dust. The difference is easy.
  • Stop wasting money on litter waste.
    Use soap to clean and purify.

    CatGenie SaniSolution $157 per year*

    Dust-free Washable Granules to replenish any lost ones.
    $48 per year*

*Based on use by 2 cats per year

Cleaner, Greener, Healthier.
And an unmatched Value.

The smell of clean laundry fresh out of the machine. The feel of warm, shiny dishes clean from the dishwasher. Your take-for-granted appliances make life safer, healthier, easier. And all you do is touch a button. Just like a CatGenie.

CatGenie is as familiar and indispensable
as your other cleaning appliances.

With the CatGenie, your cats have a bathroom that's more hygienic than your own. CatGenie not only flushes away waste it also washes itself clean. All you do is touch a button to program the cleaning to your schedule. You'll never touch, smell, breathe, buy or carry cat litter ever again.

Cat litter: It should be against the law.

The CatGenie is the antithesis of all litter boxes,
whether self-scoopers or human scoopers.
Litter boxes use litter.

Cat litter...

1) is strip-mined and needs 2000 degrees of heat to process.
2) uses more energy and money for transporting than it's worth.
3) pollutes landfills with 8 billion, non-biodegradable lbs. a year. In one year, with two cats, you buy, carry and throw away about 336 lbs. of litter. See more shocking litter facts.

You ask: why CatGenie? Ask: why not?

Why not ...

1) give up buying and carrying hundreds of lbs. of litter.
2) just purchase a few cartridges of cat-safe cleaner a year.
3) stop breathing in germ-filled, smelly dust particles.
4) help save the planet and stop littering.
Have Questions? See FAQs.

Would you hesitate to buy a washer if you needed one? Thousands of cat lovers like you say that the CatGenie has changed their lives and they could not live without it. They stopped wasting time and energy messing with endless litter waste. Join these CatGenie lovers now. And with your choice of buying options, you really have no reason not to.

CatGenie Supplies

Cat-comfy Washable Granules never need changing and are 100% dust-free. Any lost granules biodegrade within 9 months so they're safe for septic systems.

Cat-safe SaniSolution contains the same ingredients veterinarians use to clean exam tables and operating areas. The Cartridge is biodegradable and recyclable.