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Tabby Package

The economical Tabby Package includes:

- 1 CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Cat Box
- 1 SaniSolution Cartridge- Lasts up to 4 months for 1 cat
- Receive 1 Box of Washable Granules
- Easy Manuals and T-Adapters for Setup
- 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 2-Year Warranty. FREE Shipping (Except AK, HI, Canada)
- Reward points towards your next supply purchase (5% back)


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CatGenie automatically scoops, liquefies, and flushes cat waste out of home. Uses water and SaniSolution to wash and sanitize Cat Bowl and Granules. CatGenie dries interior and Granules for your cat's comfort. One-time, simple setup to cold water, a drain or toilet, and electric. CatGenie is 19" wide in front, 16" wide bottom back, 17" top back, 21" high, 24" deep allowing for hoses. Water Supply Hose 8' long, Drain Hose 10' long.

CatGenie Colors.
Base: Pearl Gray, Top: Porcelain White.

Assembled CatGenie weighs: 25 lbs.

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Amazing! Review by kimberly
We just put the Cat Genie in and our cats immediately took to it. The week before we put it in, we combined the litter boxes in the space where the Cat Genie would go. Then last night we ran the first wash and our cats were curious. Within an hour, both our cats had used it!! We are so glad we bought this and look forward to never scooping again! Thanks Cat Genie! (Posted on 6/29/2014)
A Great Product That Perfect Installation Makes Perfect Review by Kirk
Why limit the location to a bathroom or laundry space? If you have a closet that has or can be modified with the following:

1. A motion sensor to turn on a fan venting to outside for one hour; and
2. A water outlet and waste line; and
3. A power outlet

...then you are good to go!

Yes, I know this can be deployed in a laundry room or even a bathroom. But if you are laying out a few hundred for this solution, go all the way and you won't be sorry.


You do not have to deal with emptying a litter box, ever. It scoops up the waste, macerates it, and sends it down the integrated waste line with nary a problem.

This unit performs daily, 2-3 times per day for my one cat, reliably. It has an automatic sensor so it operates 10 minutes after kitty does its thing.


Every once in a while -- say, every 4 to 5 months -- it fails to remove some small bit of excrement and, through its correct operation, heats it during the process that blow-dries the reusable kitty litter. To say the smell is exquisite does not quite cover it. Bad.

However, the closet I have it in has a ceiling-mounted air evacuation (bathroom type) fan connected to a motion sensor that turns on for one hour when the cat passes by (the device operates 10 minutes after a visit, and takes 30 minutes for a cycle, ergo: one hour). So the not-totally-offensive smell from operation (or the really offensive albeit infrequent blow-dried kitty cr@p) is minimized.

The plastic litter is useful, but physically very light. The light weight in combination with residue from the sani-solution makes it stick to kitty paws. So you will be finding pieces of this litter hither and yon. Not as terrible as it sounds, but you should know. I think it is marginally worse than standard litter in this regard, but not by a lot. Strongly recommend 1-2 of these: Pet Care Pruven Litter Trap Mat for Cats, 24 by 36-Inch.


Every six months you MUST fully disassemble this thing and completely clean it. Do this in a tub or better still, in the garden. There's no good way to put this: You will be hand-cleaning a kitty sewer. Wear gloves.

There is a cleaning cycle and special solution available that you can run quarterly. And I suppose this is good and helps. But still: fully disassemble and clean it every six months to obtain fully-reliable daily operation.

Be sure to know about and ensure retention of the little rubber grommets, etc., that are REQUIRED for correct operation, particularly the tiny, conical rubber bit at the bottom of the motor unit. It will not operate correctly without all the pieces in place.

It is possible to skip by one bi-annual cleaning by removing the plastic bit below the motor unit that somehow measures (via the electronic eye?) water levels, clean just that, and replace it. But do this just in a pinch.

You will need to buy the sani-solution and granules/litter for this thing to operate. For my one cat: 1 solution cartridge every 3 months, one box of granules every six months. YMMV.


I recommend getting the add-on hood and raised sides. Not technically required, but beneficial. And CatGenie does make a swinging door that I've attached, though not currently available on Amazon.

You should definitely operate it on "Cat Activation" mode. This feature, alone, is worth the price of admission. As noted above, I've gone to unusual but very effective lengths to never, ever deal with cat waste.

Manual operation is with buttons and beeps that do require your full attention and a careful reading of the manual. Intuitive it is not. Moreover, if the device fails in some manner, you cannot just unplug and reset it. If there is one thing that drives me nuts about this thing it's that the manufacturer refuses to create a user-friendly, LCD-screened programming interface. As delivered, it is adequate, but no more.

Pro Tip: Do not fill the granules to the indicator line, but slightly below. It seems to run best with just shy of the recommended granules. Be sure to look in time to time and add more as needed (it's easy to forget -- which is as good a recommendation about this product I can offer, I suppose).

Is it perfect? No. There are a few things I would change about it. I'd make a scraper-type add-on that clicks to the edge of the bowl to direct granules back into the tray. I'd figure out how to resolve kitteh grass or threads getting wound around the macerator's spindle. But it is nonetheless a remarkable device, far and away superior to anything else on the market. (Posted on 6/28/2014)
My cats love it! Review by Brittany
I love it! (Posted on 6/22/2014)
Best thing since sliced bread! Review by Bylli
I bought mine in 2011 for a 2 cat household. It is so great, I don't have to touch "anything" anymore, and no more smell. I think mine is at it's end however, but I am prepared to buy another. 3 years of constant use, just isn't bad..... (Posted on 6/22/2014)
I love my Cat Genie!! Review by Hannah
I work as a CNA and I'm currently going to college as well, so it is nice to not have to worry about a smelly litter box when I come home. I have it on cat activation and it takes care of itself. It's pricey, but worth it! (Posted on 6/20/2014)
Love,Love, LOVE this!!!! Review by Stanley
My Husband bought this for me recently. I set it up, my cat used it the first day and has been using it every day since!

I allowed my cat to be around when I started the unit yesterday - I've closed the door previously so he could get used to the sound but not get scared - and he checked it out and sat next to me the entire time the Cat Genie ran. He wasn't 100% sure about it while it was running, but he used it without hesitation last night and this morning.

I love that I haven't touched cat litter in a week!

I LOVE that my Husband bought this for me!!!

Every cat owner should have one of these! (Posted on 6/11/2014)
Easy to Adapt Review by Rayna
We just adopted an adult cat from a shelter and this is our first time using anything but a standard litter box. I was amazed at how easy it was to get the cat to use. We have it set on manual cleanings right now. However, even though our cat is older and he saw it running the second day he was home. He continues to use it faithfully. My only issue is that there are often remnants in the litter or stuck to the scoop after cleaning. I'm waiting to see if this dissipates through use after we set it on cat activation mode. (Posted on 6/7/2014)
IT CHANGED MY LIFE! Review by Jennifer
I am hyper-sensitive to smells of any kind, and I work full-time and go to school online full-time. Even if I had time to maintain a cat box, it's such a disgusting chore! I bought a motion-activated self-raking box for about $250, but then I had to buy another one when the first one quit working. I was getting ready to buy a THIRD box because the second one was so caked with filth and smelled so bad that I couldn't stand it anymore. But I am so glad I found the Cat Genie for around the same price! I've had it for a year and a half and it has completely changed my life. When anyone comes to my house they don't even know I have a cat right away. There is never the faintest hint of cat box odor--ever! And it stays squeeky-clean by itself. I have it programmed on a sleep schedule, so the solution lasts an amazingly long time. And anytime that I've ever needed help (like when my cat ate a rubber toy and it clogged the Genie), I have had the most amazingly knowledgeable and infinitely patient Customer Care Reps who have walked me through anything I couldn't figure out on my own (the instructions are marvelous and include pictures). I truly don't know what I would do without this miraculous innovation! (Posted on 6/6/2014)
Through with the poo Review by Jill
We are a three cat family. We have one bad cat. The bad cat is the cat that likes to tag clean clothes hampers and the like if the box is dirty. We were (I can now say were) a family with three litter boxes in our home. There was a grossness factor there that I don't want to share, but if you are reading this, I will safely assume that you have been in those shoes also and looking for a solution.

I was embarrassed and, frankly, grossed out to think that there was cat poo in my house. We had two regular litter boxes and one huge one that automatically scooped. It even sat on a table where the soiled litter fell through the table and into the trash. I'm telling you, I tried it all. I tried regular litter, scoopable litter, crystal litter, corn, trees, pellets, newspaper beads, you name it. Nothing solved my problem... until now.

We opted to put the Cat Genie with side walls in our laundry room. The waste goes out with the wash water. It is even smaller than the litter box and table combo. No more poo in my house! We set it on cat activation (#4) for the cycle to run 30 minutes after a cat uses it. I am amazed at how clean it is. The product seems sturdy and well made too. It is also very easy to assemble. I did it by myself. I have and will continue to recommend this to my other cat loving friends.

If I could come up with a remedy for litter granule tracking, I wouldn't have to add a con to the review. As with all those other litters, the litter granules get stuck between little cat toes and get tracked. I have a few litter catching rugs, but they still get tracked. They are non-absorbent and have been washed. I don't feel as if they are dirty like the other litters, but it is annoying to still have to sweep them up. This little fact is worth mentioning, but not enough to keep me from loving the Cat Genie. (Posted on 4/7/2014)
My Cat Genie Review by Kathy
I love this thing, I'll never go back to regular litter boxes, my cats love it too. The transition was only a few days for them. It's low maintenance and so convenient. I have had mine for about a year now and its wonderful. (Posted on 3/19/2014)
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