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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on April 7, 2013):
We have been a Cat Genie customer since Jan. 2010. It was simple to setup (put it in our laundry room) and LOVE being able to go out of town and come home to a house that (usually) doesn't stink. I say usually because sometimes our 14-lb. tabby's poop is too small for the scoop and it remains in the bowl for the cycle; really stinks during and after drying! I keep a ziplock baggie nearby to retrieve this poop during scooping to prevent this.

After we'd had our unit for 26 months (two months beyond the warranty), the unit would occasionally run at-will; the cat had not been in it. They went ahead and replaced the processing unit free of charge. I appreciated them doing that!

Now (3 years & 3 months after initial purchase), there is something wrong with the heating element/blower; the unit keeps shutting off during drying with a #4 error. I'm told we either need to send it in for repair ($90 + $40 shipping; 90 day warranty) or purchase a new catbox altogether ($249; new 2 year warranty). After having had the Cat Genie all this time, as unhappy as I am about having to spend the money I just don't want to go back to scoopable cat litter.

As much as I hate spending the money, our Cat Genie runs 4-6 times a day and has lasted effectually over three years. I guess you don't see that cost of scoopable cat litter like you do when buying one of these, but I have to say - being married to someone with a super-sniffer - the box is largely hands-off and works well.

Bottom line: I am buying a new one. I will continue to recommend the Cat Genie, as well as the VIC program.