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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on July 13, 2010):
Let me start by saying wow!

Background: I have 2 cats (1 male 1 female), and I have tried all kinds of litter, Auto scooping (could not handle the cats poop what a mess!), as for potty training well for the female cat this worked but the male cat no luck he hated sitting on the toilet, after 3 months of trying and cleaning his mess I settled on scoopable-flushable litter and was spending 40 a month on litter… and I hated scooping and what a stink and mess daily cleaning is since my cats drink and pee a lot . (It was next to my bed room and I could smell... and wow I hated it.) Also I was afraid to have people upstairs to use the guest bathroom (it was called the cat bathroom by friends).

As for install: It was so easy! First off I attached the Genie to my sink with an additional 4 dollar part at the hardware store, and it took me a total of 30 min from start to finish doing all the assembly from un-boxing to connecting, I did this due to the layout of the bathroom and wanted to keep the toilet for people. All the hoses are hidden in the sink cabinet and it looks like a mini kitty toilet (renamed from genie to kitty toilet by friends) in my guest bathroom now. So now it has 2 toilets (Kitty and Human)

As for the cleaning, I run it on auto to get 240 cleanings per cartridge. have to admit that I was worried about how long it would take for my cats to use it but, wow they used it the first time, no training no delay. They skipped the regular box and went to the genie. Even the male cat, he had to make sure it was safe for his sister. A bonus is the cats think it entertainment they sit and watch it spin and clean. There is no smell, and no poop mess to clean. The granules do track, but so does clay litter, and with the Dome and the mat a from my Tuxedo package, it is no big deal.

Thanks to the Catgenie, I got my guest bath room back, the Cats got an awesome toilet and free entertainment! I don’t know why I waited... its Great!