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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on September 30, 2012):
My best friend saw a commercial for this product on TV and told me about it. I looked it up on the internet but I didn't really believe that it would work but I was willing to give anything a try to get out of changing the litter box for my two cats. Going into this with the "too good to be true" mentality and assuming that I would end up returning it, I received the Catgenie and kept all the boxes and even made mental notes on how to repack it to send back! That was seven months ago and I haven't cleaned a cat box since! I LOVE THIS MACHINE!! It's awesome! Totally worth the money spent to not have to lug around heavy cat litter and clean the box out a couple times a week!

My mother moved into an assisted living home last year and had been depressed and upset since her physical condition wouldn't allow her to have a dog (walking the dog) or cat (cleaning the litter) in her apartment. For her birthday I bought her a Catgenie. I installed it and we got her a cat. Her depression has all but dissipated and she is tremendously happy to now be able to have a cat in her apartment to spend time with! The money means nothing to me compared to seeing her so happy and this couldn't have happened without the Catgenie.

Thank you so much for taking one of the most dreaded tasks of owning a cat to being no task at all!