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Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Product Review (submitted on July 17, 2012):
I was apprehensive about the cost when I first looked, but now I wish I had not waited so long to get one. I'm never ever having cats without a genie again.

Acclimation: I have 2 cats, one is older (about 8) and the other about 4. They have always had covered boxes and the moment I got the genie dome on I they started to use it no problem- within 2 days of receiving my genie.

Maintenance: I have the cleaning set to cat activation and the solutions are lasting a really long time. The litter, like any, does track, however I have a nice big track mat and simply shake it back into the box as long as it's free of dust and hair.
For upkeep, every so often I take a wet wipe and wipe the dome inside and out, getting under the sidewalls and have not yet had to do any other maintenance; a far cry from scrubbing out a filthy litter box every week!

Health: Boxes should be cleaned daily as stool can contain internal parasites that can be spread to other members of the household, both human and animal. Also, for any women thinking about having a child, pregnant women are not supposed to clean litter boxes due to risk of toxoplasmosis.

I live in an apartment, and my husband is very grossed out by cat smells. Now my house never smells like cat. The cat genie has been a blessing and I absolutely adore it.