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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on June 6, 2012):
With 4 finicky cats I was easily spending over $60 a month in litter which made it easier to get over the initial price tag on the CatGenie. Our biggest concern was whether or not our cats would adjust to it. We spent a lot of time motivating them to use the new box – you have to be willing to do this if your cats aren’t open to change or else you’ll end up (unjustifiably) frustrated with the CatGenie. Since we have a dedicated toilet, we fed the hose down the toilet so that we don’t have to flush – no mess, no stink.

Pros: Pretty much maintains itself, no dust, always clean so we don’t have to worry about our cats going potty other places, and will be convenient when traveling.

Cons: If the cat has a loose stool the jostling of the scoop (to shake off excess granules) will drop the stool back into the box and will often streak down the disposal chute. To remedy this we keep a squirt bottle handy and just squirt it until it’s clean. It also takes a long time to run – approx. 30 minutes. Our cats chewed through the tube which caused water to leak during the rinse cycle. Would be nice if there was a more durable tube or external casing around the tube.

One additional feature that would be nice is to be able to run the box without the scooping sequence. In the beginning we were manually running the box until the cats got used to it and it would have been nice to be able to run a simple wash/dry cycle for urine only.

Overall we’re really pleased. So much so that I just ordered an additional CatGenie.