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Washable Granules

Washable Granules

Product Review (submitted on April 19, 2012):
I recently aquired two kittens. I hate scooping litter, so I gave this a try. I love my CatGenie and will forever own one. I am on a limited budget, so the price of the granules is a bit much but it is well worth it.

My little Sadie severely cut her paw and had to have surgery to close the gash. The first question on her release from the hospital was "What cat litter do you use?" I had taken a sample of the granules with me. The vet said that they were perfect size and texture for the kitten to use while recovering. (If the skin had opened, most litter is small enough to get caught and would have needed to be cleaned out. But not your granules.) Add to the fact that the box cleans the granules made him even more comfortable because of the less risk of infection from dirty litter.

Thank you CatGenie for a great product.