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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on January 23, 2012):
I didn't realize how wonderful it was to have the Cat Genie with my two cats until we had to go back to an old litter box during a storm with no power. It was only 3 days that the old litter box was used but I smelled a difference immediately. I thought one of the cats had peed somewhere in stress to the storm but it was just the old style cat box smell.

Got the power stable, Cat Genie plugged in, and the smell was gone. It is so wonderful to come home to a house with two happy cats and no smell.

It really is just the easiest thing to own. I am so glad to have it and the price is worth it when you consider the cost of the litter, the trips to the store to buy the litter, the time to clean the old style litter box, the smell, and the piece of mind knowing your cats are using a clean box.

Thank you so much Cat Genie!