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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on January 9, 2012):
I found out about this product by accident when I was 4 months pregnant. I wanted to try it because one: I hated cleaning the litter box when I was able to, two: I'm always running out of cat litter, and three: my husband whines every time I remind him to clean the box (you're not suppose to clean the box when you are pregnant).

I showed it to the husband, and he said let's try it! We got the cat genie in October. I saved the box like the instructions said, and got to work putting it together while my husband was at work. I think it took me about 20 minutes. Two of my cats watched me put it together (we have 3), and one of them kept getting in it even though it wasn't done yet. I was afraid she was going to go in it without the litter!

The instructions say the first time you run it to make sure your cat(s) are not around. I know my cats very well (the older 2 are 7 yrs, the other was 9 mo. at the time) and I let them stay out. Of course they loved watching it! Right after it cut off the younger one was in it playing. The female (7 yrs) got in it after he came out just to sniff around and whatnot. The next day the youngest was doing #1 in it.

My older male cat is very much a fraidy-cat. He insisted on using the old litter box even though it was getting really dirty. By the end of the third day, my youngest and the female were only using the cat genie. And the old litter box just smelled horrible! I told the older male he was just going to have to suck it up and deal with it, and I threw the old litter box out. He didn't have a problem after that with using the cat genie.

We didn't have any accidents or problems switching over to the cat genie. I threw the boxes I was saving away on day 4. We have not had any problems with the cat genie, and we've had it for 3 months. I show it to everyone that comes over. We haven't had to clean the litter box in 3 months! I do check it occasionally to make sure everything is working right. I still have such a hard time believing that the cat genie doesn't need anything but the cleaning packet changed!

The only thing I would change about the cat genie is I would add a door. My female likes to throw litter around like it's cool. And I would change the color to gray so it would hide the dust on the top better (I know, I'm lazy!).