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Granules 3-Pack

Granules 3-Pack

Product Review (submitted on September 17, 2011):
• Never! has to be cleaned by me!
• Easily cleaned by CatGenie
• Doesn't hold foul smells
• Great substance for my cats digging and covering

Washable Granules work great they give my cat, "Monster", a substance to dig in and use to cover up his deposits. The granules are easily cleaned by the CatGenie. The granules are durable and if it wasn't for "Monster" kick them start out the front of the unit they would hardly ever need replacing.

I like to have extra Washable Granules on hand not only because "Monster" intentionally kicks the granules out the front of the unit, but because accidents do happen. Such as my (totally my bad, not CatGenie) spilling granules on the rare occasions when I had to move unit or my 100+ pound dog crashes into it (he is as clumsy as me).