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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on August 10, 2011):
I cannot say enough about the cat genie...GREAT, WONDERFUL..a life changer!! OK first off let me tell you I have 4 cats each one different from the other. One cat took to it right away, literally with in minutes of being set up she went in sniffed, scratched and peed. My other 3 were not easy I tried everything and many times I just gave up. One by one they eventually would use it but I could only go so long before cleaning my other litter box. I tried several times to take away the dirty box only to find a mess on the floor, in my shower, or on a plastic bag where ever it was left. I am not going to lie there was a time I considered getting rid of all but one of my cats but love prevailed. I kept up using the stinky box which by the way was the litter robot. I tried everything to keep the smell down to no avail I have stinky cats! After 13 months yes you read right 13 months all of my babies use the cat genie.YOU HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST 2 CAT GENIES if you have more than 2-3 cats!!!! There will be rare times that yes you are unclogging the genie but this can be helped by using the cleaning cartridges and brushing the kitties.

From CatGenie-

This review was edited to remove the customers offer to help with acclimation and their email address. While we love the dedication, most people will not have that long of a wait to get their cats adapted. Some will do it right away, others in a week or 2 and some longer. The more cats sometimes the more time.