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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on May 16, 2011):
I absolutely love this machine!!!

When I first saw the commercials I had to laugh as I thought there is no way this will work that good. After doing some research and reading many reviews (mostly positive) and contemplating the price of it for about 2 weeks I finally figured what the heck i will try it. Now 2 months later and I am SO glad I bought it. Yes the price tag is a little high but with the payment plan it is much more bearable and NO MORE scooping cat liter - that is worth the price right there. No more liter and no more smell.

I have 2 older cats and they both took to it fairly quickly, one was a little more hesitant then the other but it only took her about 3 days to use it. We do not have a basement so our Genie is in the laundry room where we come in the house and we don't even smell it when we come home - love that!!

The granules end up around the house but they vacuum easily and I figure a small price to pay for such a great machine. We bought a Shark Sweeper and leave it by the Genie and vacuum up the granules as much as possible which seems to help.

Very simple to set up and operate, set it and forget it. My cats are now even more spoiled then before. Thank you Cat Genie you have completely changed our "cat habit" lives. You Rock!!