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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on May 16, 2011):
I have had the Cat Genie for about 2 months now and I am totally loving it. No more cat liter. It is pricey but well worth it, I recommend any cat owner to purchase one of these and with the payment plan it makes the cost more bearable. I have 2 older cats and it didn't take them long at all to adapt to Genie.

When I first saw the commercials for the Cat Genie I had to laugh and though no way is it that simple. I did some research and read tons of reviews (mostly positive). After contemplating the cost for a few days I figured what the heck I will try it. Like I already said it is TOTALLY worth it. No more litter to scoop and no more odors. Our Genie is in the laundry room which we come through from outside and we can't even smell it.

The Genie works effortlessly, set it and forget it. It was super easy to set up and we have not had one single problem with it.

I highly recommend this product!! LOVE IT!! Way to go Cat Genie for producing this fabulous item, you have made me and my cats very happy!!!!