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CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cartridge

CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cartridge

Product Review (submitted on May 30, 2010):
I received this when I ordered my Catgenie....I bought the tuxedo package. Since this was an expensive purchase for my husband and I, we want to make sure it's properly taken care of and lasts.

We live in the country and have hard water, so I use the cleaner when I need to change the sani-solution cartridge. (I probably use it more often than I need to)

To date, we have had NO issues with our Catgenie, it runs as smooth as day one. I know it's working as I can see the lime and calcium deposits on our shower nozzle....some of the holes are clogged from it, and the water squirts out funny. In the Catgenie, the water still ejects smooth and even. I know the maintenance solution is keeping everything clean and clear, or I think that I'd have the same issue I do with the shower head, which in time, I'm sure, would lead to issues.

It's definitely worth the money to keep everything in good working order.....especially if you have water like we do.