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Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Product Review (submitted on May 30, 2010):
My husband saw an ad for the Catgenie and immediately wanted one. Due to the price, I was very reluctant. However, I finally did break down and purchase the tuxedo package with the sani-solution and cleaner.

Upon receiving it, we set it up....fairly simple, and started to acclimate the cats. Within a week to a week in a half, they were using the Catgenie.

It's now been 3 months, and I cannot thank my husband enough for getting me to order this! The Catgenie really is an amazing product. It works just like they say....scoops, washes and dries. My cats like to watch it run, and on occasion we do too!

It is a little expensive to buy at first, but I promise this machine is worth it's weight in gold! No more clay litter that clings and tracks everywhere, no more smelly litter box, no more scooping, no more washing the box, no more hauling in new litter, and hauling out the old.....the list goes on and on. If you are a cat owner, please consider buying this product. Not only will your cat thank you, you will be thanking yourself!