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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on January 20, 2011):
While I love the premise of the Cat Genie there have still been some issues. All 4 of my cats adjusted very quickly to the Genie, except one will only pee in it...not poop. The product is easy to use unless there is a problem...then it is a pain to fix. Issues so far:
1. Those plastic granules end up everywhere.

2. The cat cycle is too long...more than 30 minutes. Really seems just as long as the normal cycle.

3. Taking it apart is a pain...had to clear a clog caused by the granules.

4. Not so much an issue, but something to be aware of: Activate the child lock...the cats kept changing and shutting off the Genie.