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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on June 18, 2016):
Well, I love it. Why haven't I heard of this until about 2 months ago?! I was actually looking for the Litter Robot on Bed Bath and Beyond when I came upon this. And that Litter Robot is MORE EXPENSIVE! And not biodegradable, and not as cool (!).

It did take some time to get used to, don't get me wrong. I have two Bengals and the younger of the two (girl) peed in it, but held number 2 until she could take it no more and had a little (well, not so) accident in my office. Good thing the accident was "dry". :) So I thought I was being harsh in taking away the old litter too soon, I was worried that they would never take to this and that I would give my little girl constipation and hemorrhoids, so the next time she complained (she usually talks before doing the poo walk) I caved and gave her the old litter and she went right away. But, we have to move on kids! Well, I didn't know if it was the litter they didn't like, or the smell, or the CatGenie box, so what mommy did is she got another set of granules, stuck that in the old litter, kept the CatGenie in front of that litter box, swapped out granules whenever they got soiled, had CatGenie wash that away (and yes, that was a lot of box rinsing...) and it worked!!! Three days of that and the old litter went away, mommy stopped scooping poop and is ever so grateful to have found this new invention! Thank you to PetNovations for bringing this to light!

Now, about those granules, they're great! They still track them, so I have a couple of mats to try and grab them from leaving the bathroom, but it is a small price to pay for not having to deal with poo manually. I just pick them up where I see them and shove them right back in. No biggie. I'll pick this up, but not clay.

Once in a while, the babies get a nasty tummy and the granule doesn't of course clump and the poo doesn't get caught up in the scooper arm, and I've had some nasties perfuming the house. And I looked at the granules and they were looking a little bit, um, not white. So, I just ran a cycle again, and that took care of that!

It's really worth it. If you're on the fence, at least give it a try. Customer service is stellar. Super cool.