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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on May 13, 2016):
I have had Cat Genie for about two months.

My two cats would need the litter changed daily and if not they would leave presents all over the house. Even with two boxes for them to use it was still a lot.

After realizing I spend the same each year on litter as I would on the Cat Genie I made the leap.

The Pros
Programming to keep the cat activated feature is great
Both cats prefer the system and often will use the box just after it is run
Flushing the waste is much easier
No more smell! I use the unscented and it is just perfect as is.
The solution lasts a long time, even with washing twice a day or more. Still on the first package.

The Cons
ALWAYS check that all solid matter is scooped. It can get pushed to the middle of the genie and if that happens and the cycle goes through you get baked solids. I usually watch the first part and have a second scooper ready to grab the stray bits if needed (small pieces can fall through the built in scooper)
There are washable granules ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!!! Not an issue but the bits can stick to cat paws. Having a mat will help.
Always keep extra supplies on hand. Running out of granules is bad.

I hope you enjoy the Cat Genie as much as I do!