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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on April 1, 2016):
How did we (me and the two cats) ever live without the Cat Genie? Seriously, stinky gross litter boxes filled with chemical perfumed litter that we had to haul home all-too often? Thinking about the filth on our cats' paws as they stepped out of that yucky box (didn't matter how often you cleaned it--it was always still dirty).

Cat genie has made me and my cats so happy.

Oh, and talk about customer service! Any time I've had a question, or what I thought was an issue (that turned out to be operator error), the service people have walked me through the reset in a patient and clear manner. It doesn't hurt that they are located in the midwest, either--makes them very easy to understand. This is REAL customer service.

Dithering about whether to get one of these? You'll save time, money, and hassle. Mine's been going strong for over two years now and I have no regrets whatsoever.