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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on March 31, 2016):
At the time we purchased the Cat Genie, we have three cats and I was cleaning our old cat box EVERY DAY! I couldn't stand the smell of the litter box if it went any longer than a day without being cleaned and the MESS from the cat litter!!!!

I searched online for something that was hooded and wouldn't be sooooo messy and found the video for the Cat Genie, the price scared me at first but when I figured out what we were spending weekly in cat litter, plus my time cleaning the box everyday, the investment was well worth it.

I was afraid out older cat wouldn't take to the unit but he adjusted better than our younger cat, all are using the unit.

We didn't get the hood at the time, didn't think the bigger cat would be able to get inside but are ordering the hood now, too help with the "throwing" of the litter.

My daughter and I set the unit up ourselves, it was relatively easy if you follow the instructions. My husband decided to move the unit and wasn't quite familiar with all the parts, ended up losing the circulation ball; contacted the customer service department to order a new one, as the replacement spare parts wasn't found on the website, the unit is still under warranty and they are sending me a new ball at no charge, even though I told them upfront my husband lost it, now that's customer service!!!

Thank you Cat Genie!