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Washable Granules

Washable Granules

Product Review (submitted on September 25, 2010):
My family has 4 cats, 2 dogs and 3 rather lazy teenagers. (But Mommmm I cleaned the litter box yesterdayyyy!) For years we used one of those automatic littler boxes and boy was that work! (2 automatic boxes actually with so many cats) Constantly sweeping up litter that was scratched out, changing boxes and having to regularly wash the blades so they would continue to get most of the cat waste. Ugh! Just finding the receptacles to catch the poo was a pain.

When I saw this machine I was very wary. It was more expensive than most and my fear was we'd get it home only to find out that it was worthless. What a pleasant surprise I was in for! Not a soul can tell we have cats when they come over. The tossed out litter is minimal and even when there is some litter on the floor you know it's clean so it isn't a bother cleaning it up.

aning. When we do tWe've found only 2 downsides to this machine. One, it can be loud when it's cleaning. The second is that 1-2 times a month the box smells while cleaning so do a deep cleaning and we usually do it twice and ventilate the area well to help overcome the smell. My best guess is that since one of my cats is very long hair that perhaps that's why it stinks so badly.

All in all your product is a lifesaver! I was on the verge of making them outside cats from spring until mid January only letting them inside when it snowed. You saved my cats a life of misery. Thank you Cat Genie for bringing comfort to this home!! I'll never waste my money on ANY other litter box or machine!! Thank you SO much for making this litter box, it reminded me why I enjoy indoor cats!

Mrs. Rankin