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VIC SUPPLY Package-Fresh Scent

VIC SUPPLY Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on August 27, 2015):
My husband and I had 5 cats when we first bought one Cat Genie on the VIC Club plan, it worked out very well! We eventually bought a second Cat Genie to aid the "Waiting in the potty line that could happen in the mornings and throughout the day. We now have only 3 cats due to loosing 2 furr-kids to old age health issues and are now running one Genie. I'm preparing for a long road trip and we are setting up the 2nd Genie just to be sure all goes well in between our son's visits to check on them and freshen up everything for them and give them love and treats!

We HAVE had only a few instances on problems with the genie... but even humans have to do maintenance on their toilets! It's easy to find out what is wrong and fix it. We've had a clog and that is NO FUN, but wear gloves and soon the job is done! The company stands behind their product and calls for support returned quickly. These are NOT totally maintenance free, but there are months that go by and all you do is take a look in the Genie to see if the granules need "Topping off".

I have encouraged many to buy a Genie!