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VIC PLUS CatGenie-Fresh Scent

VIC PLUS CatGenie-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on March 12, 2015):
Your Review (submitted on August 29, 2013):
I did't follow the acclimation instructions. Keep my cats away when the thing is running is impossible they are too fascinated by the robot that cleans the box to do that. And the package it came in, and the parts being put together and so on.

I have a 2 year old female and a 12 week old male. We took the other box away immediately and they figured it out. The cats are fine and the machine works. As long as it stays working we are good at 5 paws

UPDATE MAR 12 2015

I still love it. We did the yearly maintenance today and it was a dirty job--but somebody's gotta do it. Having that said it was still relatively painless. I also had noticed the hopper washer going bad and the cutting ring in bad shape inside the hopper itself. I called customer service and as promised I was called back by a friendly representative that understood the situation 10 minutes later. The customer service rep is having them send a new ring and a new washer free of charge--thank you.
I cant rave enough about this product and the people who make it. If you can afford it and are thinking about it give it a try. Also be mindful this thing does take a good amount of space so if you have a spare bathroom or area near laundry the cats can get to this is a viable solution for you.