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Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Tuxedo Package-Fresh Scent

Product Review (submitted on February 16, 2015):
I purchased the CatGenie to replace an Omega Paw litter box that was breaking down after a few months of usage. I was growing tired of cleaning the box and had a hard time keeping up with my 2 cats. If I was in a rush in the morning and didn't clean the box it got nasty and the cats trailed litter all over the carpet even though I use a large litter mat. During cleaning the dust from the cat litter was disgusting. I even tried

Enter the CatGenie! I was skeptical about this automatic litter box as there are few well documented reviews of the new model. Well I couldn't take another day dealing with the unsanitary issues associated with my other box so I went for the larger CatGenie package hoping it would work out. The package arrived quickly and unboxing was a snap. The unit was mostly put together and the instructions were easy to follow. It took around 30-45 minutes to assemble in my laundry room. The cold water and drainage tubes where almost too short and could use another couple feet to ensure the unit would work if it was put in a larger laundry room. Upon assembling everything I ran a cycle and sat there for 30 minutes to ensure everything worked. The cycle ran without any issues the first time.

My 2 cats are about 5 months old and were initially scared of the CatGenie. I’m a little stubborn so I sat in the room with the cats and turned the unit on to get them used to the sound. Both cats stayed in the laundry room for a day before one got brave enough to use it. The other cat was scared and snuck out of the room in the middle of the night and did his business on the carpet for the first time ever. I spent a good deal of time the next day with the cats in the laundry room and finally both used the unit. The CatGenie is doing a great job of cleaning up and is fairly quiet. I’m happy with its operation so far and confident that with a 2 year warranty I should be all set for a number of years. The up-front cost was a little steep but now that I don’t have to worry about the mess and time to clean up after the cats it’s well worth it.

I have a few criticisms about the CatGenie. The little plastic granules are sticky and get all over the floor around the unit. They are not as bad as regular litter but don’t imagine that problem will be gone for good with the CatGenie. The drainage and cold water tubes are not very long and the unit needs to be located on the same wall as the drainage pipe or very near on the adjoining wall. I have the scented version and I don’t notice any smell after the cycle is completed so this isn’t a huge issue.

In the end I love the CatGenie and I hope it continues to operate as expected. This thing is well worth the money and one unit seems to do the job for my 2 cats. For anyone looking to have cats without all the mess then this thing is the real deal. Don’t hesitate and pick one up. They offer a 90day money back policy in case it doesn’t meet your needs.