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CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cartridge

CatGenie 120 Maintenance Cartridge

Product Review (submitted on August 26, 2010):
The price of the Maintenance Cartridges, containing 4 uses, may seem high at first. From my experience I highly urge there use because of the following.

1) My job is to maintain industrial robots, including regular cleaning, inspection and repair. Even with my expertise, tools and professional cleaners I CANNOT achieve the cleaning/maintenance accomplished by the Maintenance Cartridge cycle.

2) Considering that at minimum wage it takes 5 hours to pay for a years worth of maintenance & deep cleanings. This figure factored in average taxes, cartridge, water, power and shipping costs. It takes me on average 6 hours a year to clean the 120 manually. You decide where your time is better spent! The total cost is less if purchase a bundle with the Maintenance Cartridge.

The maintenance cycle takes considerably longer than the cleaning cycle. I run it while my cats are sleeping. Since, I adopted this tactic I haven't had any accidents or kitties impatiently waiting for the CatGenie to finish.

My setup: CatGenie model 120 using softened water with 2 cats and cat activation setting engaged. Average lifespan of SaniSolution cartridge is 42 days. I thereby run a maintenance cycle for every 2 SaniSolution cartridge changes.