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Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Tuxedo Package- SCENT FREE 2-Pack

Product Review (submitted on July 23, 2014):
So with the scary piece of paper that says to use two litter boxes near each other until they're full ready to move into the new one in my hand I was really worried since I live in a cramped apartment in SF and only room for one litter box. So, since it had a 3 month return I figured what the hell, lets give it a go.

The water part of the setup was easy, probably not a necessary step, but I did go buy some water pipe sealant tape to be on the safe side and put it on all the metal parts that screw together under the sink. It costs about $.79 a roll for enough tape to wrap 1000 shower heads or so, so not a huge loss of money.

Everything came well packed with a good use of space, not as much waste generated from the packaging with the worst part being the styrofoam. But I'm a recycling dictator so I give highest marks for when packaging is exactly the size it needs to be using the bare minimum of styrofoam and plastic wrap, or biodegradable plastic film for the parts that need assembly.

They spent their time making everything just pop into place without tools. The hardest part of assembly was the dome. Find a video or website that shows you the handy trick on how to do it. Make sure you follow their instructions on how to wind the water hoses, you don't want kinking or pinched anything.

It came with a fresh scent on top of the no scent. I'm not a big fan of the fresh scent but I figured that'd be the case. Once it's gone I"ll be going with the no scent.

Now the biggie, after all their scary warnings about finicky cats, dual litter boxes etc. and after I ran one test run to make sure everything was assembled right, I open the door and one cat ran in and immediately used it which was fantastic... however, the other cat was so interested she tried to actually get into the litter box with the other cat (one 15lb cat, one 20lb cat, yeah, that was not going to happen in this lifetime) because she was so interested in it too! So fears completely alleviated, I have a feeling I won't be returning this based on the fact both cats used it the second they could. Just wow.

Plus, I now have a very happy girlfriend who will never have to clean the litter-box again. Now that it falls under technology, it's my job to take care of the maintenance/repairs if necessary. :-D

The price may seem steep, but when you add up all the little costs of litter plus the hidden costs of both cleaning it out daily of cat poop then cleaning it out every once in a while because it just smells so bad, I feel in time the savings both monetarily and mentally will outweigh traditional litter costs and be safer for the environment. We are able to ditch litter and our need for the litter locker after this and have more space in our bathroom even though this thing is huge.