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Tabby Package

Tabby Package

Product Review (submitted on August 16, 2010):
My wife had wanted to wait until Christmas to buy me the Cat Genie, but on a recent trip to PetsMart to buy my beloved kitty some food, we happened to run across the Cat Genie. Knowing that I was about to head away on business travel for 2 weeks, and because my wife and I currently have a long distance relationship, she suggested that we buy the Cat Genie right then instead of waiting until Christmas.

We set it up the day before we left our cat in the hands of my housemates (who don't clean the litter box), and upon my return I couldn't have been happier. Aside from Misty kicking a bunch of the litter out of the box, everything was perfect! The CatGenie had Misty's loo looking as good or better than when I left 2 weeks earlier! The litter was clean, perfectly groomed, and best of all no disgusting litter box full of 2 weeks of waste to deal with.

If this machine holds up, and with a 2 year warranty I'm pretty satisfied, it will be a true gift from God. I can't recommend it highly enough for anyone who doesn't want to deal with their beloved cats' waste.

- Eric